About this site

D-Analyse.com is normally a online tools website which is related to domain and IP Address. We have launched some domain and IP related tools, which helps user to get their domain and ip records in a single click. The following are the tools page listed in our website.

Domain Analyser:
Tool help to analyse the domain name with its mapped Name-Servers and configured IP Address.

IP Address Lookup:
Tool used to Lookup the IP Address details, including the Internet service provider name and Geographical Address with Co-ordinates.

Web page Speed Analyser:
Tool used to Capture the Load time of the webpage with detailed information using this tool.

DNS Record Lookup:
Tool help to bring all the available records in Domain name system with respect to domain name.

About our team

We are students and we are doing Bachelor degree in Information Technology and doing research projects in IP security and safeguard system for online users. Right now, Learning is our work and teaching is our passion. We love to do knowledge transfer to higher secondary level students and we are in the right track now.